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Richard Funchess


About Richard

Richard Funchess is currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia who majors in real estate. All his life Richard has been interested in the world of finance since his father works as a financial manager. Growing up his father taught him a lot about how the market works. Richard decided to focus on real estate after taking a class on the subject. Since real estate is closely tied to finance, it’s a natural fit for Richard. Every day Richard strives to learn more about real estate and finance—both in the classroom and outside of it on his own. He looks forward to graduating in 2020 and applying his knowledge of both subjects in a professional manner.

One aspect of finance that has always fascinated Richard Funchess is how relatively small events can affect so many areas of the global market. Looking at current trends, Richard is particularly interested to see if the market is over inflated as some analysts believe it is. Plus, he is eager to see whether President Trump’s desire to roll back regulations and move towards a purer form of capitalism will truly benefit the economy as a whole.

When it comes to both real estate and finance, there is a lot that Richard Funchess still wants to learn about. Both subjects are complicated, and it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to determine the right properties andother assets to invest in. As a result, Richard spends a lot of time reading the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Market Watch which helps him keep up with current real estate and finance trends.

Along with his schoolwork, Richard Funchess is a member of Kappa Alpha Order, and he volunteers with UGA HEROs. UGA HEROs is an organization based in Georgia that works with children who live with HIV/AIDS. He also works part-time as a barback at Pauley’s Original Crepe Bar. While Richard’s schedule is typically busy, his multiple responsibilities have taught him how to multitask and manage his time properly. Once he graduates in 2020, Richard’s goal is to work in commercial real estate either in Georgia or his home state of Texas.

Richard’s favorite hobby outside of school is following sports. He especially enjoys watching baseball. During high school, Richard Funchess played as a pitcher. Today he doesn’t have much time to play the sport, but he loves keeping up with the Houston Astros.