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Podcasts have blown up in the past few years and there are thousands if not millions of different topics that get covered on them. You might be surprised, but finance is one of those topics. There are countless podcasts out there that talk about finance extensively, so here are a few good ones to check out if you’re not sure where to start.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey offers a show that is great for helping you learn how to get out of debt. Ramsey is best known for his “baby steps” approach to personal finance, which involves moving through a set of steps in a particular order to achieve financial security and wellness. An example is the snowball method, which can be applied to student loans, credit cards, and almost any other type of debt one may have. This podcast gives straightforward advice on how to eliminate debt so you can move on to other financial goals.

The College Investor

Whether you’re still in school or you’ve recently graduated, mastering personal finance can be challenging. Being fresh out of school, you may be paying bills for the first time or having your first experiences with credit and credit score. The College Investor is a daily show that’s dedicated to helping you understand those parts of finance and make your college or post-grad life easier to manage. The host, Robert Farrington, explains that instead of cutting expenses and living a frugal life, you should try entrepreneurship to earn extra money in order to achieve your financial goals.

The Disciplined Investor

A great show for seasoned investors, host Andrew Horowitz brings specific market advice for profitable investing to the table in this podcast. Horowitz produces the show weekly and covers topics such as the potential for a recession, where the Federal Reserve may be going next with monetary policy, current trade trends and so much more. If you’re interested in up-to-date insight and discussion of specific stocks as you make portfolio decisions, this might be the show for you.

Smart Passive Income

Originally starting as a blog, Pat Flynn has brought all of his tips, tricks, and strategies for getting ahead of the curve with your online business or blog. Flynn has successfully built his blog and brand from the ground up and has established himself as a go-to guru for passive income. Produced weekly, the show gives listeners an inside view of how to build a business and earn money online so you’re set up for life. Flynn is also regularly joined by online business leaders who have become influencers in their respective niches, all who typically share their tips on becoming more productive or developing a selling strategy.