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There is one unalienable truth in this world, investing comes with a ton of risk. What is also true is the less it costs people to invest, the more money they will make. Fortunately, investors today have a slew of options where they can put their hard earned money at little to no cost. Here is a look at the best investing apps for 2019 that have little to no fees.

This app lets investors buy and sell stocks and bonds for free. However, customers do not have access to mutual funds and other investments using the free version. Recently, Robinhood announced customers can now buy and sell Bitcoin. By upgrading to the premium account, customers can trade on margin or buy and sell stocks during extended hours.

This trading app is ideal for novice investors. It works by rounding up a customer’s purchases on a debit or credit card and then transfers that amount into their trading account. Acorns then uses the money to build an investment portfolio containing exchange-traded funds. Customers can choose to manually execute trades using a premium account.

M1 Finance
This app lets users invest without paying commissions on each trade. Customers can buy and sell fractional shares and build an investment portfolio for free. For example, a user can purchase shares of 10 different ETFs with a 20 percent stake in each without paying commissions on 10 separate trades. The app provides users with an easy-to-use tool to help them build an investment portfolio based on their financial goals.

This company is one of the most well-known and well-respected names in the investment world, and they are not just for the ultra-rich. Fidelity offers an app that lets users trade ETFs for free, and there is no minimum on contributions to IRAs. Additionally, the company does not require a minimum deposit to use the app for IRA contributions. This may come as a surprise since Fidelity is not a name synonymous with free.

These apps open the door to an investment world that was once closed to Wall Street insiders and ultra-wealthy investors. The apps will not make users rich overnight, but it will provide a foundation that helps people build a profitable investment portfolio. These no-commission and little to no fee apps are helping revolutionize the investment world.